Jun 19 – 22, 2023
Europe/Berlin timezone

The process of X-chromosome inactivation (XCI) was proposed in 1961 by geneticist Mary Lyon in a seminal paper that prompted a new research field at the interface between genetics, epigenetics and developmental biology. Initially a hypothesis, XCI was quickly validated and our understanding of this intriguing phenomenon, although incomplete, has advanced considerably. The XCI community usually meets every five years; this meeting (meant to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Lyon’s paper) aims at once more bringing together a diverse range of experts across the world working on different aspects of XCI, to share their ongoing and unpublished work, contributing to building a more integrated overview of this molecular process. The meeting also aims at fostering interactions, especially between the earlier career researchers in the field, such as recent group leaders, students and postdocs. The meeting will include scientific sessions on sex chromosome evolution, dosage compensation mechanisms, chromatin studies, non-coding RNA, and nuclear and chromosome organisation, as well as networking opportunities (a city excursion, poster sessions and evening social moments). The meeting will also include three special sessions, on historical aspects of the field, sex and gender issues in science, and discussion groups on matters important for the field.

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Ihnestr. 16–20, 14195 Berlin
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  • Claire Rougeulle
  • Edda Schulz
  • James Turner
  • Joost Gribnau
  • Rafael Galupa